Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What is happening in the Garden July 11th, 2012

Our little tomatoes from Genuine Faux Farm have gone from this tiny from when we got them from Tammy at Hansens on 18th street.

Now they are starting to produce like our beautiful Red Zebra tomatoes coming on strong.  

We have some Black Krim and Stupice too.  

The Wapsi Peach looks very wilty but has bouncy ball sized tomatoes on in too.  I don't know if it is too much or little water.  I could just not like us either.

My starts are behind since they are not in as nice of a garden as I put the heirlooms from Rob an Tammy.

Ryan got to braid them

Lilly was quality control showing me all the ones I forgot to cut the roots off of.
We also have harvested our garlic.  We actually got 109 heads and a few were worth saving for planting next year.

The rest are for kitchen use and some of the smaller cloves to be roasted with cherry tomatoes for snacking.

Ryan and Lilly hanging up the 4 braids of garlic we made last night.
We harvested a few onions.
Lilly working on her scare crow making sure the garden is protected.