Friday, March 2, 2007

Basic Understanding

Why micro banking in India?

Half of the worlds lost people groups are there in India. Many Indians travel out of country. By making a small loan we would help people to repair and create business so they can support their families. Their only other option is a loan shark which can charge up to 150% interest. With their knowledge they can help others in their country and may even create these banks in other countries where we could not go.

In India you can loan $50 to $250 and get a result out of the people. They also receive a weekly education seminar to aid them in growing their business. To do that in the United States would require $2000 to $3000 loans.

I was thinking of those credit card commercials that say "Now, whats in your wallet?"

Grass is in mine.

This is a project Ryan did for the Concourse De Elegance a couple years back. The idea was to show how purses are like cars. Given the purse on the left we had to make an art project out of it. He copied the design, changing it slightly for a new purse and put grass in to old one. Kinda like how cars are replaced.