Friday, February 16, 2007


Valentines day was a couple days ago. And for us it was a continuation of the DeVries family tradition of Ryan giving Nancy a picture book, wrapped in our gift blanket. And of course this also means cards. Anna got one from each of her Grandmas. Which of course made Anna very happy.

Also this week we got Ellie's quilt back from the quilter. Now all Nancy needs to do is add the binding around the edge and the little love note.
Also this week we took the time to play a game of cribbage. Anna climbed the stairs over the table to watch us. I was thinking the girls were in cahoots, but I won the game despite their teamwork.


  1. Hey! Was I supposed to see the quilt ahead of time? It looks beautiful! And Anna... oh my goodness is she looking like the "big girl"; looking forward to seeing you guys again...

  2. Yea we will let you see it, but just make sure it is a supprise for Ellie. Enjoy each and every second, because soon your little girl will be a big girl too, which is good to. Kinda like saying a taco is good, and so is ice cream, different but both good.