Friday, March 16, 2007

Feeling funny

I have to wonder, this year I have gotten more colds than ever before. Nancy says it is because we have a 2 year old cold magnet, I am wondering if it is actually a form of spiritual attack. Then last night I had a migraine to the point that a sip of water was just too much for my system. Thank You for cleaning up Nancy.

When your sick you just don't feel right, like you shrunk, but not all of you, just most of you. And your head is full of air, your skin is cracked and yellow, but still need to smile cuz life rocks on the beach!

The India action right now is gathering a list of supporters, man that is hard, we need to send out initial invitations to over 200 people. So look in the mail soon for a series of letters from us, yes a little marketing plan to solidify support. The past two weeks we have been writing the what has happened in our lives from 2004 until now and into the future. There is so much left out people will have to go visit our blog to see some of the other details. I wish I could convey how much doubt and fear there is in our house right now. If you remember pray that we have confidence in the Truth of God.
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  1. How are those invitations coming along? Hope we can see you guys soon!