Friday, April 20, 2007

Moving Out

Well the time has come. The owners of the chalet where we were staying has asked us to leave so that they could replace the carpets and have a vacation themselves before the summer rental season starts.

Other happenings this week. We got our shots for the trip, how funny, Wednesday we got a check for a week of unemployment last August. I asked Nancy what bill we were going to have for that amount. Sure enough the next day we paid off our shots to the tune of $400. An example of God providing what we need.

And right now we are writing our second letter, lots of details on how you can send money to pay for our next expenses. But to say that you are sending your money is the wrong world view. Think about it, God created everything, he was active in the career you have, the strange happenstances of your life. He has given you the money, and now he is asking you to share. We are working hard to give you the facts and pray that you will see this connection. You are giving to the Lords work and we are receiving to do the Lords work.

Saturday we leave for Detroit. We will be spending a couple days with our friends at Stony Creek Church, then a couple at Oakland Woods Baptist, and I hope visits to friends at GM.

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