Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pictures From India

A picture is worth 1000 words.... These pictures are from the newsletters of Growing Opportunity Finance, the organization we are going to go volunteer at. This is just one slide of a presentation that I made to explain India, Microfinance and why we are going to India. Additional slides can be found at the pictures link on the right side of our web page.

There are also a whole bunch of family pictures there too from this spring. Sorry for not posting all the pictures here, but with this getting emailed out, some mailboxes would get too full.
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  1. Hello. Stumbled across your blog during a google search for Growing Opportunity. I work here. :) So, i thought i will say hi.

  2. Hey guys, just wanted to pop in and say we're praying for you as you wait for the remaining necessary funds to come in so you can set a travel date!

  3. Well Hello!! Now I know two people at GOF.

    It will be an amazing journey for us when we are there. Looking forward to it with much fear.

    I added your blog to our link of friends.

  4. Who would be the other person? I am curious. :D

    Looking forward to you guys too and to learn from you as well. About the fear, hope it is not about the people as we are pretty ok here. Jus' teasing.

    I will link you up too in my blog...

  5. Holly, thank you! We are praying for Ellies worries too...

    Yes funds! God will provide exactly what we need. Through some good research we have estimates... we have been given enough to cover getting there and the first four months. Plus as some people are giving monthly we estimated in the black until six months.
    Pray that people will step forward with gifts around Christmas time to cover our big trip renewing our visas.

    Bungi, We have been emailing Jim and Asta R.

    Oh the fear is about everything and nothing. The people... (we are introverts, Americans and do not know any Tamil), what we will be doing, where we will shop, will we get sick, where should we live, how much will everything cost... We want to live like as much like a poorer middle class family as we can, but we know we need airconditioning to survive.

    Oh yes the biggest fear riding in an airplane for 20 hours with a 2 year old!
    Alas the Lord gives us more than we need to make it through.

  6. Ryan, dear.
    We finally have DSL! This is great. I hadn't seen the picture Anna with the card under her chin. I am so glad you received it. We leave for Colorado Monday for 5 weeks. We are very blessed. I will be sending postcards to Anna (and you, of course) May God bless you and all whom you meet. Love, Mom (and Dad)