Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Support Letter Two

This post is a copy of the second letter we sent out via mail.

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you, it is so encouraging to hear from so many friends so quickly in response to our first letter. Yes, we are just as amazed as you that God has opened the door for us to work as missionaries in Chennai India. It is so cool to hear how God works in everyone’s lives. Nancy and I are continuing to visit and call. Please pray as we drive to St. Louis, Detroit, and back to South Bend. Watch the blog, we will keep it updated.

If all works out as planned we will be leaving for India in June. The indication that it is time to go is funding. Like other missionaries, we trust the Lord to provide all the financial support through the use of friends and family.

Living conservatively our budget is still $30,000, of that $10,000 is for airfare. The great news is as of May 7th we have $15,100 pledged currently, $13,500 towards our $17,000 up front costs and $210 a month towards our $1,100 of monthly expenses.

Remember in our last letter when we invited you along with us? We know most of you cannot because of obligations. You can go in spirit by committing to pray for us. You can also go by sending us. We invite you to pray, ask God if you can give $5, $50 or even $250 a month. Also you can help in other ways. We learned recently someone gave their airline miles to a family of six going to China. Many workplaces match your charitable giving, so ask at work!

How to give: start by praying, and then look at the yellow card that we have included, this pledge card is your way to share with us how much you promise to support in initial and or monthly prayer and funding. Please send the top half to us in the enclosed envelope, feel free to include a note. In the future donations will go directly to Interserve in Pennsylvania. But we ask that your first gift, and pledge card are sent us at Nancy’s parent’s house so we know our pledge balance. We will forward any funds received to Interserve for deposit in our account. It is very important is to make checks out to Interserve with Account #35100 written in the memo line. You can donate by charge card by calling 1-800-809-4440. By paying Interserve you can claim a tax deduction next April, and the funds will go to our account. Interserve will send you a receipt and another envelope about two weeks after receiving your funds.

Nancy and I are committed to keeping you up to date from now until well after we return. We are already updating a web page on the internet: RyanAndNancy.blogspot.com. We will also mail out quarterly news letters. And if you want to talk to us we will have access to email, regular phone and Skype computer phone, AOL Instant Messenger, and letters in the mail. Plus before we go and when we come back we will be visiting many people. This April we are traveling throughout Michigan and Missouri, hopefully we will see you. Otherwise, expect a call from us in the next few weeks.

With Christ’s love,

Contact us at: de 3120 voit at gmail dot com, spaces removed and special characters as needed.

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  1. Ryan and Nancy-

    I am so excited for you! I am kinda of jealous as well. I am feeling God calling me to missions, but I am still lacking many details on how that looks. God has yet to share! I have started nursing school as a step to what God has called me to!

    I will send you an email soon!