Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Day In Chicago

Nancy, Anna and I had the privilege this Friday of driving into Chicago, where we gave up our passports for the day. Two hours waiting for number 54 to be called at the Indian Consulate, hand in our paperwork and $255. Then off to walk around the town, Navy Pier's Bubba Gump for lunch, then walk up to Michigan avenue to take a picture for Bungi. Then at 4:30 we wandered back to the NBC building and the Indian Consulate where we picked up our visas, multi entry visas expiring July 19 2008 for each of us. Then on the trip home we hopped off the highway at Portage and found a Steak and Shake. Our waitress is going to India this fall with her college for two weeks. And it was fun to watch the people leave the place, they either had a real big grin on their faces, or were too stuffed to risk that and waddled back to the cars. (we were in the later group)

Saturday followed with a quick run up to Grand Rapids for a going away party thrown by my family. Thank you all for the well wishes, we could not do this without God's leading. And thank you Dave for letting us borrow the GPS unit... sometimes when it says to turn, you should not.

7 days until we depart from Chicago Ohare Airport.
Ryan and Nancy

PS I did not email a recent post showing my new haircut. This and additional pictures available at our website, and click the our pictures link on the right to see what we are up too.

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  1. Hey guys,your time of departure is getting so close! Wow. We're praying for you! Safe flight... no lost luggage... good rest upon arrival...