Friday, August 10, 2007


Question, you are out and about in India and would like a little something to drink, what do you ask for?

Answer: Chai tea, tea and milk boiled together and placed into a small flimsy cup that you are unable to hold without crushing. I do not drink tea regularly but I like hot chocolate, and this is a good close resemblance.

There are so many new things here in India, it is so hard to describe them without it sounding like the USA is much better than India. We have a year to post of the many sights, sounds and smells.
Sadly it is much more difficult to whip out the camera and get that great shot than I thought it would be. I have placed a number of pictures and descriptions at our picture site. Please go take a look, leave comments, ask questions.


  1. Is Nancy working at an Indian call center? Surely they must have some child labor laws there :)

    By the way, Chai is regularly sold here as well; mostly made with Soy Milk, or concentrate that you can put in your own milk (for those times when you are homesick for India)

  2. Hot thick sweet coffee was also served in those types of cups when I was in Brazil.. at least at the seminary where we were staying! I never ordered coffee else where. How is Anna adjusting to everything? Well, really, how are all of you DOING? Praying for you all!

  3. If there are many good things about India -- Chai Tea is definately one of them!