Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Anna and the Banana Cart

One of the neat things in our neighborhood is from dawn to dusk people come down our street selling stuff in carts, on bikes and just carrying it. They yell their wares and you come out if you want something. Usually they are cheaper than going to one of our corner stores. Our regulars supply water, ironing, fish, knife sharpening, banana cart, coffee and tea, vegetables, posters, cotton candy and shoe repair. Here is a guy with chicken sales.

I am sitting in the living room with Anna yesterday about 5 pm. We hear a man yelling "wahlepalam"and Anna says "Mom can we get some Bananas?"

She was right, it was the man with the banana cart going by.



  1. She's learning Tamil, i tell you! He he... She'll soon be translating for you all...

  2. Yea I watched a conversation between her and Gnanam this morning... Gnanam knew what she was saying and I had not clue what either one said, but they both went away happy.