Monday, March 10, 2008

What A Great Weekend Pt1

Wow what a weekend. First on Saturday GO held a celebration event in honor of Women's Day. It was hard work for our 137 staff. And I learned a very important lesson. DO NOT HAND OUT BALLOONS. The plan was to give out balloons to the papas (kids) and since I like interacting with kids I thought I would try too. NOOOoooo..... a balloon from a white guy is very valuable, everybody had to have one. 20 balloons gone in 2 seconds... I did not do that again. The main thing Nancy and I did was stand by the entrance greeting the clients. But Nancy did disappear for a while.... I decided to go search for her...

I found her in the sales booth area buying jewelry. The gypsies bead necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Nancy bought about 200 rupees of new jewelry. Each piece averaged 5 to 20 rs... Read more about the gypsies at the GO website, it is an awesome story. Then go to the HOME PAGE and read all about transforming lives from the ground up.

Sunday was just as cool, maybe more so, I will post about that tomorrow.

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  1. JUst read both your recent posts; sounds like an amazing weekend! Very neat!! I bet you guys will have some pretty mixed feelings when it gets closer to the time you are to come back to the states...