Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sathia our Veggie Lady

This is Sathia, my veggie lady. She comes every day selling her veggies to my neighbors and myself. Surprisingly having some one come to my door is cheaper than me going to a shop. Anna loves green beans and peas so she is one of Anna friends too.

Today I got a 1 lb of beans, 1/2 lb carrots, 1/2 lb of ladies finger, 1 lb of onions, and 1 cucumber all for 35rs (90 cents). This will last us 2-3 days.

She does a good job selling, giving free samples of the foods foreign to us in hopes we will buy more next time. She does not sell tomatoes, they are heavy and smush too easy. The bags have have greens like spinach, cilantro and a lot of stuff I don't know yet.

Under her arm is one of the cloth bags given to each client at the Growing Opportunity Women's Day event this past March.

Sathia's 16 year old son is a caddy at a local golf course.


  1. I am really enjoying reading about the people you interact with day by day! That is quite a load she carries, isn't it?

  2. When we see Sathia she has been in several other neighborhoods. I know when I get about 2 kilos of veggies it’s a small basket so I guess with melons she may have 30 kilos on her head and maybe another 10-15 under her arm. I couldn’t do it. Yes she does have the balance to walk around with that metal container up there.