Friday, May 30, 2008

Where have we been?

Ryan's mom Lois and brother Jeff came to our house from the USA:)

We showed them around Chennai, Dehli, Agra and Shimla. It was good to take a vacation and see other parts of India by train. With all that travel none of us have seen a computer in almost 2 weeks.

We had the opportunity to tour part of northern India together this past week including the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Lotus Temple and the hill station of Shimla.

We enjoyed some great architecture from the 16th century. It amazes me that the Taj Mahal was build to honor a mans wife who died while giving birth to his 14th child. It looks as amazing as it did 400 years ago. It is so huge I am by the entry gate and I fianlly could get a picture of it all with the camera.

Even Anna was impressed with the visiting quarters.

I was also surprised that our Indian friends told us to go but had never beenbut they always watned to go to the Taj Mahal. Only one person had been and that was 20 years ago. It seems so simple to me, hop on a train and then anohter. I forget that many people here have not ever been out of their state and really won't ever leave. You stay where you know. Also up north Hindi is spoken not Tamil.

Within being back home to Little Mount for an evening we had 5 neighbors asking how our trip to Agra where the Taj is and if we had pictures. We are almost to the point to renting out some place to show everyone what we saw.

A special thanks to our freind Cheryl who helped arrange this trip! Also thank you to Ryan's brother Robb who sent a replacement camera so Ryan could take pictures again!

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