Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The purpose of a childs kitchen

We stumbled on this fact a few weeks ago when we saw sunlight in our back room. Now Kaysa uses Anna's kitchen almost more than Anna does.

I also finished a quilt I made in 2005 - I had to duck the tails of the thread in. Slowly I am catching up on things here. The lady who owns the Curves I work out at just had a little girl. I love the 1930's fabrics, I think they are so cute and remind me of being a kid hearing the mother goose stories. I hope she likes it too.


  1. Nancy, the quilt is GORGEOUS! You sure have talent! The quilt you made for Ellie is one of "my" prized possessions. ;)

  2. That quilt was signed in 2005. I just gave it to a new mom, her first girl. I procrastinated so long and all I had to do was tuck in the threads :) The baby was born this January.

  3. Over on my Sugar Mtn Farm blog Ryan had asked about future spaces for children as they grow.

    We plan to eventually expand our tiny cottage adding space for food storage and a folly tower with additional rooms.

    The origin of doing such a small house had nothing to do with idealism or environmental conservation but rather the very practical aspect of that was as much as we could possibly accomplish before winter hit hard. And we made it! :)

    In time we've discovered that we can pack a lot into such a small space. There are actually two lofts, one in the front which we call the kids' loft and one in the back which we call the attic. The attic can become another sleeping space.

    I am considering adding arched dormer windows. This is quite doable because our concrete roof is only 1.5" thick. I have to make this choice before I add the additional planned lightweight concrete roof and then top layer of hard engineered fiber concrete which will eventually be earth covered.



  4. Nancy, I've never seen that quilt pattern before. Neat.