Sunday, January 17, 2010

1000 Things

We have a lot of stuff. It filled 26 feet of length of an ABF you pack trailer. Well now Nancy and I have set out on a challenge to reduce the stuff. Yes we did the garage sale before our last move and are doing some Craig's List and eBay. But for the most part much of our stuff is not worth the effort of selling.

So we are committed to giving away 1000 things this year to Goodwill. Sounds like a lot? That is about 3 things a day. Not that much to select and bring to the box in the basement. Only a few things have come back out of the box in waiting.

Lego blocks count as one toy not one block each, same with other toys.

Maybe 1000 things is too few, for now it is a start.


  1. It'll fill up quicker than you realize.

    Since we've started downsizing for the RV, I've been amazed at how much *stuff* we've accumulated. A few months ago I had packed about 20 boxes of stuff and now I can't even remember what was in them! That's ridiculous!

    I'm looking forward to selling most of it and donating the rest. It's a very liberating feeling to have things so simplified.

    Good luck!

  2. If you have 4+ big bags of clothes (or other things) you can have Goodwill come and pick up your donations for you. :-) I just found that out last week. I too am in a de-clutter mode. haha

  3. Good luck with the thinning. We went from a 1000 sf apartment to a 32' RV and a 10x10 storage unit. It was honestly painful ... for a bit. Then I realized that if I really wanted something, I wouldn't waffle over it. Once the extra stuff was gone, it felt good!