Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crafts on Saturday

Lowes has a wonderful method to figure out what kind of parent you are, and what kind of child you have.
From several weeks of projects there are:
1) Parents that yell at kids while kids do project.
2) Parents who do the project for the kids.
3) Kids who stomp off.
4) Parents who stomp off.
5) Parents and children who have extreme patience with each other and can finish a project together.
Add to the high possibility of not putting the project together correctly will add even more frustration. These projects are not easy, for being simples 3d puzzles with predrilled nail holes. Nancy and I are good about having Anna be the one to nail the parts together. And if possible get the part and put it in the right spot. Sometimes this is not easy for me to figure out.
It is easy to get distracted by all the other kids and parents, some no longer on their best behavior. I am still amazed how much patience I have. Anna only hit my finger once with the hammer. We got the project together and Nancy was given a $10 off $50 coupon. It was great to have my parents there to watch :)
We found two other families we knew there. Peggy had three of her grandkids there. I helped 3 year old Lilly put hers together but she much preferred working with her grandma. :) My feelings were not hurt by that. We also saw Mia and her mom just starting their project as we were leaving.
As these projects are free, as well as an easy challenge this is a good way to spend a Saturday morning with your child. Way to go Lowes (and Home Depot) for offering these projects!

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