Monday, August 16, 2010

In a pickle

Anna and I canned pickles today. She helped plant, pick and cut them. I am very proud of my five year old.

She says our tomatoes will be next.


  1. Anna is a big girl!!! Miss you all. We seem to keep missing each other on Skype. Will catch up soon.

    Love, Bungi.

  2. Hi! Responding to your post on my peach question. Which fluid solution did you use? Light sugar, fruit juice, etc? Someone suggested I use orange juice concentrate and I am thinking of trying. But then someone else said that it doesn't taste as good as the sugar solution.

    About how many of the smaller jars did you get? I am thinking I will get about 12 quart jars with 24 pounds.

    Do you know how long a jar is good for once you open it? I planned on using quart jars since I think all three of us would end up eating them.

  3. I used a light syrup with sugar and water. I made 4 quarts and 10 pints. I made the smaller jars so I could make baby food when Lilly is into that in the winter. I keep a jar in the fridge for a week or two. Basically I look for a bad color or fuzz.