Sunday, September 5, 2010

Anna is in Kindergarden

Anna is now in her 3rd year of school and she is 5.5 years old.

Year 1 - PreK at St. Andrews in Little Mount India with Mrs. Ursha

Year 2 - Preschool at Small Wonders in Waterloo Iowa with Mrs. Kirby

Year 3 - Kindergarten at Kingsley with Mrs Anderson

I am grateful that Anna gets to be active and educated all day with Mrs Anderson. That gives me time to rest and spend some time Lilly :) I pray that she will be educated on mathematics and English and kept away from swearing, fads and just trying to be like every other kid. She is a unique individual and still very impressionable. I want to keep my baby safe like all other moms.

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  1. Adorable! Bo and I are so torn on the public home-schooling vs home-schooling and are very undecided on that. But it sounds like it's going wonderful for you and your daughter. Often times if there are issues, they present right away in pre-school. One of my dearest friend had her son start preschool and his first week he came and said to her, "mommy I hate you - you're stupid." She called me bawling a few weeks ago.

    Sounds like to me your Anna has a good head on her shoulders and will do just fine.