Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saving for a pillow pet

Anna has been saving for a Unicorn Pillow Pet. She saw it on TV and it stuck.

When I knew this one wasn't leaving her brain I made a chart for her to see how close she was to getting it and every 2-3 weeks we would do a total. She would color up to the line and we would talk about chores.

She earns:
0.10 for emptying the dishwasher silverware
0.25 for organizing the shoes in the closet
0.02 per nail we can cut (this is to discourage fingernail biting)
There are other jobs. We just want her to feel the work that goes into getting her valued stuff. I give her extra when I feel she did a really good job.

Her friend next door came back on a Saturday with hers. She got it from being good. Anna looked like she would cry. Her words were "Mom. When I have the money can you make sure the store has them?"

I made sure, I called all the stores in town and one did have it once that pig was good and fat.

Anna is sleeping on Nay Nay right now . I am a very proud mommy.

Now she wants to save up for Samaritan's Purse shoe boxes because there are kids out there with no toys or Christmas.

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  1. I wasn't very smart I said would give her 10 cents each day she kept her first loose tooth in. That was weeks ago and it is still in.