Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sugar Season

I love maple syrup.  I grew up with six maple trees in my yard and I never taped them and boiled the sap down.

The next best thing is to visit a nature center, or farmstand, and have them do the tapping and boiling.  This weekend is Hartman Reserves fundraiser, a pancake & maple syrup fundraiser.

I have been looking forward to going all week.  

To taking Nancy and the girls.

Nancy did not feel good.

To taking the girls.

Anna did not feel good.

To taking the baby.

Lillian and I enjoyed visiting and she was entertained during the hour long wait by twin nine month old boys (one also in a Moby) in front of us.  

A nice grandma gave me wipes to clean up with, and got Lillian more pancakes after she devoured (dropped in my lap) her first silver dollars so quickly.  And I had devoured mine.

Lillian ate three silver dollars lightly coated with syrup, and mashed around four more.  

I ate six big pancakes all so completely saturated with syrup that I did not feel good for four hours afterwards.

First Daddy Daughter Outing with Lillian completed.

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