Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wordy wednesday

Nancy lost one of her diamond earrings today.

While she was adding compost to her square foot garden.

And mixing in the compost.

First I thought like a miner and used our driveway like a sluice table and water from a hose on the 5 gallons of most promising dirt that she thought held the earring. 

It did not.

I then moved on to stage two, archeology, slowly brushing away dirt in the square foot garden.

Brushing dirt away.

Brushing away well composted dirt.

Brushing away not yet composted leaves.

Brushing away vermiculite each grain the size of a diamond earring.

I found a worm.

I had to pick up and move the not yet compost from horses that would not brush away.

But I could brush away the peat moss.

And pick up sticks.

Then I stopped.

I struck gold.  White gold.  And a diamond.

A fun hour of playing that got me a very nice back rub from my no longer a pirate.

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