Monday, May 16, 2011

Planting Anna's Garden

Anna gets to have 9 squares in our garden.

She and I planted while Lilly told us how to do it. I helped Anna figure out how close the seeds should be.

Anna's seed list:
Bunny Tail Grass
Cat Grass
Snow Peas
Cosmos (2 squares)
Snap Dragons
Rainbow Carrots
Butterfly flowers

Anna is so overjoyed to water them, I just have to help her know when to stop.

The back row is perfect for climbing things so we get to put some cucumbers, tomatoes and maybe sugar pumpkins there.

I told our neighbor that a pumkin may be poking though our fence. He said if there was a pumpkin on his side he would see if he could grow it in a bottle or a cube. I look forward to seeing if that works.

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