Saturday, June 25, 2011

KinderGARDENS D is for Digital Pictures

I handed Anna the camera this morning and said "Take pictures of what you like in the garden."

"Anna turn the camera around."

Anna loves to eat the scapes right out of the garden. These are the flowers off of garlic. This stuff is potent but she loves them and Lilly likes to eat the flowers too.
We had to put a limit on how many basil leaves Anna eats in a day, she loves them.

This is a butterfly plant that will hopefully get us some butterfly's when it blooms.
These are some rainbow carrots. Last year they didn't come up so she is excited to see and eat them later in the season. When we go to the farmers market she always asks "Are your carrots ready?"


  1. i'm so impressed that she eats the scapes right off the plant - so strong! how's her breath after? lol thanks for joining kindergardens this week :)

  2. you've got a great eater on your hands...good job momma!

  3. wow - scapes and basil, huh? i'm impressed! hope your rainbow carrots do well - sounds like fun!

  4. Wow, what grown up tastes for such a little one! My girl likes to eat garlic chive blossoms and her breath is deadly for hours, lol!

    I have not had good luck with carrots either...will be watching curiously to see how it goes for you this year. Kim