Wednesday, July 20, 2011

KinderGARDENS L is for Lilly

Anna has been at both sets of her grandparents these past weeks so its just Lilly and me in the garden in the mornings. Doesn't everyone have a garden fairy?

Lilly has a spot where she moves dirt, sand and sticks. This keeps her occupied and keeps her from sitting on tomato plants or petting the peppers.

This is after about 5 minutes after getting into the watering buckets and making mud pies.

We harvested our garlic and like Lilly they are tiny.

This is our sunflower house. Right now only two sides are growing and this is the second planting. I wonder if it will get over 3 feet. Ryan says next year the girls get a cucumber house since we know we can grow that.

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  1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for visiting my blog. We started a sunflower house this year too, and so far the plants are about 6" tall. I'm afraid we won't be seeing a "house" this year. :(
    LOVE your little garden fairy! :)