Monday, August 1, 2011

KinderGARDENS N is for Natural

This weeks assignment is colors in the garden. It would be easier to just keep dressing my girls in cute sun dresses than to find colors as we are still in the growing and blooming stages.

Basically everything is green. Green on the tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, basil, peppers, broccoli, okra, corn, carrots, onions. Lots of green stems, shoots, leaves and vines. We keep hoping for other colors as that means its time to eat what we are growing.

We do have white bean flowers on the pintos.
There are brown spots on the butterfly plant.
There are also white flowers on the amaranth leaf.
We do have some blue clover in the happy chicken garden.

Yellow in the flowers and black on this little bug on our cucumber.

The red of crimson clover in our happy chicken garden.
Purple in this butterfly flower.
Orange in our first tomato on its way to turning into something yummy.


  1. Great colours! Green is very very good, it will turn to other yummy colours very soon :)

  2. your garden looks wonderful! i've never seen blue clover before...pretty!

    that bug is a cucumber beetle. i would advise squishing him with haste. :) they don't do a whole lot of foliar damage, but they carry a bacteria that causes wilt. we lost all of our pumpkin and gourd plants last year to those little beasties. they like any cucurbit plant - melons, cucumbers, squashes, etc. they're back in our garden again this year, we'll see if we manage to control them this time!

  3. Lots of green here too. Mmmmm... what a tease that orange-ish tomato is!

  4. Hi Kirsten, thanks for telling me that cute bug wasn't really cute. We all are waiting for the colors to change. Once I get enough cucumbers I can start canning them. Today its peaches.

  5. I didn't realize we were supposed to do colors this week, I guess I'd have to do brown from spots on my supposedly green plants too!

  6. Green is good! Everything looks great - healthy and ready to bear fruit!

  7. Love green...and I have never seen blue clover either!

    Yeah for tomatoes turning colors! Kim