Tuesday, September 20, 2011

KinderGARDENS U is for Underground

We know we have horrible soil. Where we didn't do anything this year to the soil we are planting daikon radishes. They grow big and break up the soil. You leave them in to rot and they add nutrients to the soil.

Ryan is also making a hot bed for broccoli and carrots over the winter. All we need is a yard of horse manure and he can make a layered bed. We
can plant and then put some kind of top on it. We will report back on how that works out.

We have also started saving seeds from our beans and tomatoes.

I got some currant tomatoes during the Decorah Digin this year so I crushed them, put them in water and now I wait a couple days for them to ferment. Then I scoop the bad ones off the top and dry the good ones for next year.

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