Sunday, October 2, 2011

KinderGARDENS W is for Winter

We keep getting frost advisories here.

It seems we are bundling up more.

Lilly even gets to wear her bibs when she goes out to help.

Every night before we tuck in the girls we tuck in the tomato plants (and our pepper crop of 2).

Its amazing what $8 at St. Vincent dePauls will get you.

After the first night with our own sheets we decided it was better to use something we didn't care if a chipmunk tore apart.

Since I have a ton of safety pins from quilting we use those to keeping the sheets together. It works better than rocks and easier to see too.

See the big hole? We are making a hotbed for the winter. We just need a yard of horse manure and we will put the dirt back. With some row cover the plants will stay warm and grow. Lettuce sounds good now.

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