Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Have you ever cried so hard for a friend that half an hour later when you are home you are still teary eyed?

My heart is going out to a friend with lots of struggles. Not just the demons inside of her but also kids, husband, past and future. I just, grieve. My heart wants to fix it. I can't.

I Thank God I know I can't. Sending over a casserole or a cute cartoon can't fix this hurt. God can. My love can't but my prayers can.

I see her struggles, pain, hurt and I pray that God is there for her and her family. I want to fix it but I am not God. God is God.

It won't be fixed quickly. I saw after my mom's death what her upbringing was like and I say to myself "Why am I not messed up?" God protected my brother and I. He worked on my mom in her life, He gave her my dad. He gave her an extra portion of love for others and God gave her the tenacity of a bulldog. I never knew about the mess as a kid. She healed, she grew close to God, she prayed, she studied and occasionally broke. God took her by the hand and because of her strength I am who I am. God was in both of my parents. Thank you God for that.

I pray that my friend's kids see the same in their mom. Right now life is extremely hard for all those in the family. God is there, God wipes away all of our tears. Nothing man can do will separate us from God. Not even one stupid night, statement or accident. Life won't be fixed today but God is there.

God is there...

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