Sunday, July 14, 2013

Garden July 2013

Let me walk you through our garden since the last time you saw it was May.

Here is a tomato plant and I planted lettuce by it too for micro greens.  Notice, its all tomatoes.  I wonder if the pack was marked wrong or I have mommy brain.

These are all cucumbers.  Notice there are tomatoes here.  Again I wonder if the pack was marked wrong or do I have mommy brain.

Look there are tomatoes where I planted them too.  There is a potted flower in there.  I kept forgetting to water it so I just stuck it in the garden and knew I would take care of it there.

We also have spearmint, beans, basil and a Lilly growing in there.  The Lilly seems to move around.

There is also 3 sensitive plants.  It is a great lesson that plants do react to what we do.  Touch it and it folds up immediately.

 Garlic and see the Lilly moved again.
 These are supposed to be okra but it looks a lot like peas to me.
Food will grow and we will share it and eat it.

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