Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cat Harnesses- don't work

We have Little

Grey and Shay.  Little Grey wanted to go outside so much that we got each cat a harness.  The pet store was twice the price of Amazon so we got the Come with me Kitty ones.

We do the cat harnesses due to both cats having all 4 paws declawed.  We want them safe.

It was ok to put on once you get used to where the clips are.  The problem is that both cats have come off of them.  Shay being the scared one went directly to the front door to go in.  Little Grey ran away from me, down the driveway, under the porch and to the neighbors yard.  Even cat treats didn't get him back.  He is a total cat, his own sweet time.

After a month of using the leashes we gave up, now the cat spend all day outside off leash.  Shay spends his time in Amy's back yard.  Little grey goes further, tussling with all the neighborhood cats.  He is a big cat, and would be a powerful foe if he had claws.  Sorry little grey you are doomed to being a small player in this hood.  Grover has 20 bonus points.

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