Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Not Much is Happening and that is OK

Ryan's company was sold in October and he maybe  laid off.

This isn't a normal pack your box and leave thing.

The new company can't really evaluate him until January 1st.

They can make a decision around February 1st and if he is laid off it starts April first.

When we lived in Pennsylvania; that layoff he was told Valentines day his last day was in April.

In Detroit's layoff was a "here is your box, put your life in it."

This layoff gives closure if we knew he was not to work there, but we have no idea, life is in the air and it may not even be a layoff just a change of company.

What we do know is that God has given us peace.  Crazy, un-understandable peace.  We are not selling off everything except the kids.  We are at peace, I can't describe it.  I should be packing and worrying.  But here I am knowing that God has this, He got us though India and though a broken leg.
 There will be pain and confusion but really, I have no control.  I had no control.  I trust someone who knows it all; versus me who thinks life should fit in a box.

Think out of the box and your mind will be blown away.

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