Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tamil Basics

This past Thursday we had a couple very helpful meetings about going to India. One was personal encouragement from Gene and Karen. The second was a group meeting at Granger about their involvement with India. I wanted to give a couple facts about India based on what I learned from Jack at the meeting.

Did you know?
The gypsy people group originated from southern India.
These people still travel.
These people are by nature outgoing and sharing.
In the caste system of India Americans are second from gods and everyone is lower.
Most Christians are first converted from lower castes.
Lower castes can’t talk to upper castes.
A lot of respect is given to a Guru.
If an American went to Tamil Nadu (Southern India) and followed around a Guru the rest of the village would also want to hear from him regardless of caste.
Tamil Nadu is actually very diverse, there are representatives from most of the “unreached people groups” in this region of India. Look at the Joshua Project website:
In current culture if you asked a village what they needed they would say they need a temple to the local deity to make the crops grow. Ask a church planter and they would say they need a well to water the crops. It may not be as simple as building the well though for the village to have good crops, they may not use it.

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