Saturday, January 20, 2007

About Us

I was thinking how much people know about us. No I am not going to tell you intimate details like the color of my underwear, but the general stuff like hobbies and careers.

Youngest to oldest.
Anna: 2
Her hobbies is learning new words and having books read to her. Most books are called Bible but she is starting to figure out that Bibles are books but books are not bibles.
She is a very good natured kid and does mind us fairly well for a 2 year old. She is very mechanically inclined, loves to unscrew knobs and play with locks, latches, and blocks.

Nancy: 2........
She made it all the way through college with a Chemical Engineering degree. She is in charge of talking to strangers for Ryan and Anna. She likes to make quilts, and collect train cars dealing with candy and chocolate. She is a stay at home mom and is confident that is what she needs to be.

Ryan: 3..
Ryan also made it through college and then more! A Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He likes trains, talking about himself in the third person, and reading spiritual books. He would rather write a letter or a web page than talk. see He is not an engineer but not sure how to define himself career wise. He would be employed right now if God did not ask him to turn down some great job offers. Ryan chooses the colors for many of Nancy's quilts but would rather play with model trains, which was n scale, see but now On30, well really not anything because he is having a mental block thinking of what to do the would not be messy or take up lots of room.

We live in a chalet. Really a summer rental that is much cheaper in the winter. Before that we owned our own house north of Detroit, which we put a new kitchen and two baths into. We owned that for two years but when Ryan lost his job we put the house up for sale and asked God do we live in Detroit or elsewhere. The house sold in 10 days telling us to move from Detroit. In our continued search a position in India became available and we are now raising money to go, hopefully in June. We think that stewardship is important, organizations like Crown Financial, and Opportunity International really strike a grove in our lives.

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