Monday, February 25, 2008

Anna's Teacher Hema

Friday Bungi and I met with Anna's teacher, Hema (Miss for Anna). I was grateful to have Bungi's help because she could translate my concerns for Anna with her potty training, school work and how was she behaving with other kids. I am finding that American English is difficult for people to understand since they are taught European English with an Indian accent so having Bungi was great, she is fluent in American.

Hema understands how to take care of Anna and is trying to get her to the toilet before she goes. Overall the meeting helped me show her that I think she is doing well. Hema is writing me notes about Anna's classwork, home work, and school functions too which helps. I know Hema is trying her best with Anna. It is a challenge, Anna does not like to sit still, too eagerly accepts the snacks from her friends, and is very quite in class.

Anna is a quiet girl (like her dad) Hema asked me if she was reciting her abc's, counting and nursery rhymes at home as she doesn't do them out loud in class yet. I told Hema that she plays school when she is at home and is doing pretty well counting to 15 and with reciting her letters too. She really likes Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - we sing that one a lot here.

Anna also likes:

Two little hands go clap, clap, clap

Two little feet go tap, tap, tap;

Two little eyes are open wide,

One little head goes side to side.

This one was one of her exams last week. (Speaking of exams Anna got 4 A++s!!)

Attached are some pictures of Anna with Hema and the rest of her class at Sports Day a few weeks ago.

I think it will be OK now with school for the rest of the year ... it finishes April 15th.


  1. Do i speak 'American'?!! *gasp*

  2. Oh yes you do... with a little help you could speak Canadian too eh.

  3. Ummm... Whatever... (does this count as American too?)

    But i thought i spoke more Indian than American... *scratching my head*