Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I was out with Anna last week and we bumped into Ester, Ruth and Samuel, our friend Glory's kids. They are our friends who live in the slums. A lady for the appartments interrogated me on why was I talking with them. Are they my servants? No they are my friends.

I guess she did not like that answer so she then switched to speaking in Tamil and was questioning Ester, the eldest in the group. They may not look rich. So what! They are my friends and why do people have to think because I am white I am financially rich or higher class than the average person. I am no better than Gloria or her family. God loves me too thankfully.

I try to serve with Gloria versus being served by her. Life is better that way. I have a friend connection being able to share life and my heart with her. We some how communicate even though she knows only very basic English and I know about 10 words in Tamil. We share the same God and the same goal to raise our kids with Jesus’ love.

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