Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ten Questions?

Well there is a subtle shift in the focus of our blog now that we are home... those interested in our adventures in India are waning, maybe just checking up to see if they will see us in person or if Ryan has a job yet, while those in India are wondering the same thing.
  1. Where are you? South Bend, Indiana.
  2. What are you eating? Pizza, raspberries and other fresh fruits, wraps and others things that mix veggies with a little meat. We are trying to eat smaller portions, less meat and more vegetables than last time we were living in America. No we have not eaten Indian since we stepped off the plane.
  3. How is Anna? She seems to be adjusting well enough but she is being a little bit of a pill with grandma. While she is still shy she does not seam to worry about getting pinched when she is out.
  4. What do we think of the weather? It is really cold here, I am using a blanket a lot, when will it get above 85F???
  5. Will you go back to India? Maybe... not right now.
  6. So what is your next step? Ryan is applying to engineering jobs, we are visiting family and churches and trying to give Anna some structured days too. Nancy has started working as a mystery shopper again.

Where are the rest of the ten questions? You will have to email us :)

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