Sunday, July 13, 2008

Travel Details

Some answers to the questions you have:

1) Are you all packed up?

Yes, since Saturday.

2) What are your flight plans?

Monday we leave our home here at 9 pm India time, driving to the airport and then flying to Grand Rapids, Michigan (We leave our house at 11:30am, July 14th Michigan time.)

Here are our flight numbers and times (all in Michigan time):

2:45pm Monday July 14th, Flight departs (9w0226) Jet airways from Chennai
11 hour flight 2 hour layover.
3:40am Tuesday July 15th, Takeoff from Brussels Belgium (9w0228) Jet Airways
8 hour flight 3 hour layover.
2:45pm Tuesday July 15th, Depart Newark New Jersey (CO3015) Continental
2 hour flight.

4:47pm Tuesday July 15th, Land in Grand Rapids Michigan.

3) What size is Anna?

She is a 3 T in shirts and pants very tall and skinny. She is 8.5 in shoes. That's our guess as the sizes are different here. We think when we get back she will have a growth spurt.

4) Where are you going to stay?

For the first week we will be in Grand Rapids area and then after that we are going to travel to Detroit, Stevensville, and St. Louis visiting churches and friends who have supported us.

I think that is the most important answers for now. Pray we have safe travels, all our luggage is safe, Anna tolerates the seat belts and sleeps a lot, everything is on time, we don't get sick etc. etc.

While we will keep our blog up to date with what we are doing we plan to only email out a couple more times. If you were not aware these emails are selected copies of what we write at, we do not email out every post we write.

Thank You,
Ryan and Nancy and Anna

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  1. Wave hi as you pass over Germany! I'll be heading back a day later, and I'm sure we'll catch up soon!