Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We are Home

The travel started with tears... saying goodbye to friends you know will never come to America to see you, and maybe do not even know what the Internet is... is hard. I cried giving Ruth a hug, I cried as Mary Glory prayed for us, I cried as I prayed thanking God that both our families are brothers and sisters in Christ. Anna Cried when she tripped and scraped her elbow. I cried when the airplane took off and we circled over Chennai. I cried when the plane tracking map showed we were closer to Michigan than Chennai. Anna cried when she had to get onto her third airplane in 24 hours. I cried when I saw Michigan outside the window.

Our travels were good, Jet Airways was kind to us, though it was disappointing when they told us that Anna could not sleep on the floor and had to be in a chair. All our luggage made it to Newark, but we are waiting for a lost bag to be delivered to the house today.
We will be staying at Ryan's brother's house in Grandville for the next few days. We are doing pretty good, though Anna is waking up several times a night crying and saying 'I don't want to.'

Congratulations to John and Peggy for responding first to our "Who got your newsletter " game.

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  1. Welcome home DeVries family! Thinking of you as you continue to transition...