Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why Quilts Matter

This was a questions posted by Ami Simms - Why Quilts Matter?

Ryan and Lilly under a jewel box quilt I made for Ryan
My gut reaction is even though a person is gone they can still give you warmth and its like a hug from them to be in that quilt.  I have 2 very important quilts on my bed almost year round.  One is made by my mom.  It isn't that pretty but her hands made it.  It is a huge embroidered peacock. Also a sunbonnet sue quilt is the other one from the woman who took care of my mom as a kid, the lady I am named after.  Its like having a visible piece of love from someone who is gone but not.

Our picnic quilt made by Grandma Nancy in the 70's

O hope my own kids value the quilts I have given them.

Anna under a batik pinwheel quilt I started when Ryan and I got married

Lilly in a blue and green lucky 10 quilt

I bet there are at least 20 quilts I have made that people have.  I hope they know I cared for them and their babies.


  1. We LOVE the quilt you made for Ellie. Ellie knows it is hers and knows she gets to take it with her some day. For now it rests on our couch and it is my favorite napping quilt if i'm going to take a quick snooze. :)

  2. Ellie's sister also has a quilt, I like to take naps under it.