Monday, February 2, 2015


I have learned that not all people like to craft.

I am surprised.


They don't know how.  Don't want to fail?  Have failed before...

I have failed miserably but I keep at it.  I am glad God gave me Ryan when I can't force something he had another perspective.  I do the same for him.

These are magnets we made at Anna's slumber party.  Magnets, pictures from magazines and little round magnets held together with Elmer's glue. You can use anything for this and they did.  One girl wasn't crafty so I made some for her from the sheet that comes with Shopkins.

The bathroom is more craftiness than I think I wanted.  It started with a little pealing paint and between the two of us we have stripped the walls, repainted the ceiling, walls, replaced the fan and did dry wall work, trim, replaced the guts of the sink, took out 5 layers of floor and done our first tiling job and we still are not done.  It took 3-4 trips to box stores to get the guts to fix the sink.  I was ready to just caulk it all together but Ryan had the perseverance to make it work.  It doesn't leak, neither does the toilet now.

I need to paint the trim for the top of the wainscoting and Ryan gets to install that.  Then I think we are done.  

We work together, we are help mates.  Neither of us knows it all but though our mistakes it works.

This is the lettering on the Jeffrey Storage Battery Truck.  Ryan built it and I got to make it pretty.  We used car paint so it would endure the weather and look cool.  I learned that you can't spay paint out of a paint can and then brush it on, there is a propellant and it looks horrible.  My mistake so I got a touch up paint pen and did the lettering.  I kept at it and it looks great - 5 to 6 coats later.

What ever you are good at, keep doing it.  You will fail but when you succeed you will feel great and others will admire your work.  

God gave us all a tool box and they are not the same. That is why cool stuff happens.

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