Saturday, February 7, 2015


We do projects, crafts, drawings, wood work, and kit bashing.  Here is Lilly and Jonathan designing a quilt together.

Ryan found a door for $5 at Lowe's and we will put it with our other loose wood for a layout some day.  The kids helped take off the hinges and door frame.  Anna and Lilly got to use the screw gun.

Lilly stopped moving only for a minute...

Lilly is helping me sand a replacement table top from Home Depot.  I found an ashtray table and we are just using the base.  It had two supports for the top and Ryan made another one including the profile and counter sinking the holes for the wood screws.  

I glued and started painting it today.  I am too tired to get a picture of that right now.

Jonathan found a cup of sugar split in the cupboard and is helping clean up.

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